Multiple awards for our COVID2019 designs

Our company design team has won the most no of awards for COVID2019 related emergency ventilator and mask design. We are in the process of certifying the products and will be able to supply globally 3Q2020 to all hospitals, clinics and private individuals at an affordable price. Stay tuned.

Mimo Monitors in APAC

Our company will be incorporating Mimo Monitors into our product designs that require reliable monitoring or tablets. These designed to eliminate the fuss of multiple wires, with only one USB connection powerful to accommodate both video and touch capability, and run everything you need. Supported under Windows, Mac, and Linux,…

Lawfarm expands

Lawfarm, an investment portfolio company of Avontrust Group, the world's leading legal services blockchain has issued 150M tokens on Waves. Avontrust Group has 10% of token supply and is helping the startup expand to Malaysia and many other countries.
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