Avontrust invested startup Peoplewave lists on Qryptos (FTX Japan) 12 June 2018 – PR News Wire

SINGAPOREJune 6, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Having successfully concluded its ICO, Peoplewave will be listing its PWV tokens on the QRYPTOS exchange on 12 June, 13:18 (UTC+08:00).

Peoplewave launched its ICO on QUOINE’s ICO Mission Control platform from 31 May to 6 June 2018. 6.8 million tokens were successfully taken up and the remaining tokens have been redirected for private sale, due to overwhelming demand from venture capitalists, funds and pools.

One of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges ranked by trading volume, QRYPTOS sees transaction volumes in the tens of millions of dollars daily. Listing of QRYPTOS provides Peoplewave’s contributors with immediate liquidity for PWV tokens. The PWV will be listed with three trading pairs: PWV/ETH, PWV/BTC, and PWV/QASH.

“We are extremely grateful to our community and QUOINE for their support and for sharing our vision of making work fair. Now the real work begins. We are very excited to be able to progress the development of our Wavebase solution. We are also in conversation with a number of  HR and software companies on potential partnerships and will continue to keep our community updated on all developments,” said Damien Cummings, CEO of Peoplewave.

In addition to QRYPTOS, Peoplewave is in discussions with a number of other top exchanges to further enhance the liquidity of its PWV tokens.

Peoplewave aims to reinvent people management through blockchain technology. The company will establish a decentralised database of accurate, verified performance and employment information on its blockchain platform, Wavebase. As a result, employers will possess an unprecedented ability to evaluate a potential candidate based on actual credentials and past performance, or even utilise the information right from the start for targeted searches of suitable candidates. For the first time, employees will also get to own and take control of their performance data across all past employers.

About Peoplewave

Peoplewave is Asia’s leading blockchain-ready HR software company. It is revolutionising hiring and people management with data-driven, transparent feedback and verified performance data on its blockchain platform, Wavebase. Peoplewave offers 3 key products – the “First 100 Days”: a new hire onboarding tool; “Performance Wave”: continuous 360-degree performance appraisals; And the “HR Command Centre” analytics suite, which unlocks employee data and insights.

Peoplewave successfully raised $500,000 seed funding from a series of angels and aligned companies in the HR field in December 2017. The company has been named “Top 50 Most Promising Enterprise Start-ups in Asia Pacific” by CIO Outlook Magazine and more recently, “Top 20 Hottest Singapore Start-ups” by Singapore Business Review.

About The Team

Peoplewave was founded by Damien Cummings in Singapore in January 2017 and later joined by Phil Aldridge in April 2017 as Chief Technology Officer and co-founder. Cummings was a corporate high flyer with over 20 years in marketing and digital transformation leadership roles with renowned brands. When Cummings was inexplicably retrenched from his last role as Global Head of Digital for an international bank, it became clear to him that HR had to be made more transparent, data-driven and fairer to both the company and employee. This resulted in the birth of Peoplewave.

Today, Peoplewave boasts a world-class team of 19 team members in 4 countries with experience in technology, development, marketing, product management, user experience, and more.