New Investment UnbankedX integrates successfully to Ripple blockchain wallet
New Investment Avontrustwaves1 token listed on Waves

Avontrust Group is Singapore’s most valuable cryptocurrency company and is the owner of ICO advisory, cryptobanks, cryptoinsurers and many other crypto powered products of the new future economy.

New Investment Ethereum based My Global Identity Token EtherDelta Market Cap US$2.7M

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New Investment Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano Blockchain

Avontrust Chief Scientist announced that it has integrated all the company’s portfolio systems with all leading blockchains and started development on lesser known ones.

Using Bitcoin, Ethereum Tokens/Ether, Neo/Gas, Stellar/XLM and Ripple/XRP you name it, we are able to swap all these between our owned platforms and partners

Citibank shortlist Avontrust R&D team as Global Top 100 finalist in T41 competition
Avontrust advises Metlife Asia on Insuretech

Management team has made changes to their lineup to reflect change in responsibilities to the present team

Our 10th year anniversary in Las Vegas! Looking forward to our 20th

NASDAQ OTC company and Avontrust Group calls off reverse listing merger and Avontrust exits online casual gaming by selling its assets

NASDAQ OTC company and Avontrust Group calls off reverse listing merger talks. Discussions did not fully value the Avontrust business. The group will continue to stay private till a further opportunity.

Avontrust starts social gaming brand Puso nets 1M Facebook users from 200 countries
Avontech wins Standard Chartered Bank and Expedia/Travelport contract